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Our company was established in 1996 with the understanding of high quality production based on the principle of domestic production, as well as abroad, close to 70 countries (Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Ukraine …) with the quality of products renewed itself until today.

Our company, working in all processes in production and user health is the forefront, especially the users of our products for a long time as a responsibility to ensure the use of health has accepted. Therefore, water based chemicals are used in every stage of our production. Believing that a quality production can be achieved with a system approach and qualified employees, K&B Ayakkabı has not neglected to use the latest technologies in the world.

Our main duty is to cooperate with our customers in many points in Turkey and abroad and to meet their expectations at the highest level. Exchanging ideas with them makes our business even more meaningful.

As a company that believes and applies that sustainable fashion is based on all these principles, we are always proud to be a pioneer in our sector.

If you can keep it in mind, you’re doing a good job.

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